Friday, November 27, 2009

AI for real life: Optimize team utility

I will write some articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Especially, they will be about what I have learned from AI. The first one is about teamwork.

A work in a team is different from a solo work. They are two different problems. When you are working solo, your goal is to maximize the amount of work done by you. In AI, they would say that an agent optimizes its utility function. It is like a score you receive from a finished game.

Inside a team, the goal of the problem is different. The goal is to maximize the amount of work done by the team. You should maximize the sum of the work done by you and your coworkers.

It is a much harder problem to optimize the sum of the utilities. If you are choosing an action, you would like to be able to predict its effects. A good start is to create a model of the internal state of your coworker. We humans call that empathy.

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Guido said...

Good introduction, although a little bit common. I'm looking forward to next posts.